John Galan

A contemporary artist whom resides in Ventura County, California. He studied at California Art Institute under the mentorship of Master Portrait Artist Johanna Spinks. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Studio Art from California Lutheran University 2014. 

Invigorating, transcendent, and luminousJohn Galan’s work invokes the portrayal of the human psyche. High chroma hues used in his work reflect a contemporary palette. Upon further investigation, Galan’s brush strokes vibrate qualities of the human spirit. His work often deals with the inextricable connection between humans and nature.

Artist Statement

The brush found my fingertips before I can remember anything else. Every time I paint, I am discovering a new part of me, an extension of myself which I can share with the world. My keen fascination for the human form and the emotive features of the face have greatly influenced my subject matter. I paint alla prima using the traditional medium of oil paint.

Characteristics include: vibrant, high chroma hues and the use of symbolism to stimulate and peak the viewers interest. By illustrating portraits and figures, my work aims to invigorate the mind. Common themes depicted deal with the inextricable connection between mankind and nature.

These paintings strive to tap into the psychological aspects of the mind hoping to trigger the subconscious. This connectivity in turn, relates to the idea of “collective consciousness” we share as a species. Some ways in which my art depicts this, is by portraying personal life experiences. Whether I’m conveying emotion through color or depicting the human form, painting simply expresses the essence of who I am.